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The Islands natives always say, that if you have limited time in North Cyprus then you should definitely visit the Karpaz Peninsula also known as the Panhandle. This remote part of our beautiful island features herds of goats and flocks of sheep, natural sandy beaches, migrating birds, wild flowers and feral donkeys.

Our first stop will be the fishing village of Bogaz, were we have the opportunity to have a short Turkish coffee or tea break. After continuing further along the Panhandle "Dipkarpaz", a village where the Turkish and Greek Cypriots live together in harmony will be our next stop. During our approach towards the National Park at the tip of the Peninsula, we very likely will be stopped by our "four legged friends", the feral donkeys, so make sure you bring some carrots and apples to “pay” the ransom! Visiting "Apostolos Andreas" Monastery might be what you're wishing for as it is said, that the ‘healing water spring’ that originates underneath the church, will make you more beautiful and can heal eye problems.

The highlight of this wonderful tour is our stop at the "Golden Beach", where you can swim in crystal clear waters or sunbathe on the same beach on which our sea turtles lay their eggs in early summer

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